Declaration of Online Submission

(1) All manuscripts are subject to preliminary internal review and anonymous external review. The manuscripts should not contain the name(s), affiliation(s) and contact information of the author(s).

(2) If the manuscript is a co-authored work, it should be submitted by one of the authors only.

(3) The preliminary review is conducted by the editorial board and the external review by international experts.

(4) A publishable paper should be rated as ‚ÄúRecommended for Publication‚ÄĚ by at least two international experts.

(5) The reviewing process is conducted through the online system.

(6) The editorial board reserves the right to revise all submissions. If you do not want the editorial board do so, please indicate.

(7) Submitted manuscripts will not be returned. Please retain the original.

(8) The author is not permitted to submit the manuscript to other journals while it is being processed by this journal.

(9) The author takes sole responsibility for the views expressed on his/her manuscript.

(10) The author must ensure that the manuscript is not illegal and does not infringe upon the copyright of others. He/she is deemed legally responsible for the manuscript.

(11) The author must agree to a non-exclusive license for the following purposes:

  • To publish the article digitally;

  • To keep the digitised manuscript, transmit it online, and allow authorised users to download;

  • To sublicense libraries and other repositories to include the published article in their database for general user access.

(12) Once the author accepts the publication of the manuscript, he/she should sign the Copyright Agreement Form and email it to the editorial office or upload it online by the deadline.

(13) After the publication of the manuscript, the author will receive two complementary copies of the issue of the journal containing the article, instead of royalties.

(14) The information collected from the author will be used for the publication of the International Journal of Chinese Language Education (IJCLE) only and will not be disclosed to the third party for other uses unless the author has been consulted. If author wishes to access to or amend the personal data held by the IJCLE, please email the IJCLE at