Journal Title: International Journal of Chinese Language Education

Issue: No.1

ISSN: 2520-7733 (Print); 2521-4241 (Online)

Publication Date: June 2017

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CHEW Cheng Hai Global Chinese and Chinese Language Teaching
Download Count: 543

WANG Rongsheng New Ideas for the Research on the Chinese Language Competence
Download Count: 893

CHEN Ju-Ling,
TSENG Hou-Chiang,
SUNG Yao-Ting,
LIN Ching-Lung,
KO Hwa-Wei
Analyzing the Readability of Text for Chinese as Foreign Language Learners
Download Count: 665

CHEONG Choo Mui,
LIAO Xian,
ZHU Xinhua
Improving Teachers’Questioning in Teaching of Reading Texts in Chinese Based on the Six Types of Reading Comprehension Processes
Download Count: 803

CHIN Chee Kuen,
HO Chow Wan,
CHAN Lan Ying
Preliminary Study of a New Self-Directed Learning Approach for Secondary School Students’ Narrative Writing in Singapore
Download Count: 319

ZHANG Hongming,
SONG Chenqing
The Foreign Learners and the Teaching Strategies of Classical Chinese
Download Count: 360

ZHOU Hong Xia,
TAN Chee Lay,
GOH Poh Huat
The Instructional Scaffolding of Chinese Writing Class in Singapore Primary Schools: The Theoretical Background of SMPFR and Design of the Lesson Plans
Download Count: 402

TSENG Chin-chin The Problems of Multi-Chinese Language Varieties and Cultures Encountered by International Chinese Teachers
Download Count: 439

MOU Lei,
WU Yongyi
A Study of Language and Character Attitude of Mainland MATCIL Graduate Students in Hong Kong
—— Based on a Word Association Test and Interviews

Download Count: 321

TSUI Tin Chau,
KOOI Rens,
The Relationship between Dropout Rates of a Chinese Language Course and Student Learning Motivation and Personal Factors
Download Count: 363