Journal Title: International Journal of Chinese Language Education

Issue: No.10

ISSN: 2520-7733 (Print); 2521-4241 (Online)

Publication Date: December 2021

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CHEW, Cheng Hai Chinese Language and Its Education in a Global Context-- The Case of Singapore
Download Count: 138

LAM, Sin-Manw Sophia,
CHENG, Wing-Tung Michelle
Integrative Motivation of Students towards Learning Mandarin in Scotland and Hong Kong
Download Count: 365

LAI, Chun,
CAI, Shiyu,
TAI, Chungpui,
YUNG, Wanshan
The Impact of Social Media Applications on Ethnic Minority Students’ Acculturation to the Hong Kong Society
Download Count: 303

YAN, Jing An Investigation on Online Teacher Education Model to Teachers of Chinese as an International Language: Based on the Analysis by Text-mining Technique
Download Count: 346

ZHANG, George Xinsheng,
LI, Linda Mingfang
New Chinese Proficiency Standards and Its Impacts on Chinese Proficiency Test
Download Count: 235

SOH, Kay Cheng Language Features Influencing Readability of Extra-class Reading Materials
Download Count: 245

CHEN, Sung-lin An Exploration of Pragmatic Competence and Instructional Objectives of Chinese Textbook for Children
Download Count: 351

CHENG, Yaheng 朝鮮日據時期漢語教科書《中語大全》評介
Download Count: 35