Journal Title: International Journal of Chinese Language Education

Issue: No.11

ISSN: 2520-7733 (Print); 2521-4241 (Online)

Publication Date: June 2022

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LAM, Ho Cheong The Pedagogy of Learning: Engaging Teachers in Observing Children’s Spoken Word Errors for Professional Development
Download Count: 156

ZHANG, Ling Acoustic Analysis of Chinese Tone Errors by Vietnam Second Language Learners in Different Contexts
Download Count: 182

OSBORNE, Caitríona,
The Next Steps for Teaching Characters in CFL: Investigating the Effects of Four Character—Teaching Methods on Beginner Learners
Download Count: 158

SIN, Chun Man The Lexical Cohesion of Outstanding Compositions in Primary School Students and Related Teaching Suggestions
Download Count: 130

CHEN, Guanghui
Research on the Emotion and Cognition of China among International Students in China Based on the Text Analysis
——Take South Asia Teacher Class Essays as an Example

Download Count: 101

WU, Yongyi,
The Construction of Learning Community and the Development of International Postgraduates’ Academic Chinese Proficiency——A Case Study Based on Narrative
Download Count: 69

LIU, Xi,
JIA, Yimin
The Medium of Instruction in Chinese L2 Classrooms in Scotland: An Investigation of Attitudes and Practices
Download Count: 57