Journal Title: International Journal of Chinese Language Education

Issue: No.12

ISSN: 2520-7733 (Print); 2521-4241 (Online)

Publication Date: December 2022

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CHEW, Cheng Hai Cultural Exchange is Unavoidable — A Deliberation on Chinese-Western Cross-cultural Studies
Download Count: 33

WANG,Gui Hua,
ZHOU,Guo Xiang
Mingxin Baojian Spread Abroad and Its Enlightenment to International Chinese Education
Download Count: 23

TSAI, Pei-Shu,
QI, Grace Yue,
Language Maintenance and Identity of Families with Taiwanese Background in Australia
Download Count: 29

CHEN, Sung-lin The Teaching Theory and Curriculum Design of U.S Critical Language Intensive Courses During the COVID-19 Epidemic
Download Count: 60

LI, Donghui,
LI, Fei,
MA, Maopeng Paul
A Study on the Quality of Lingnan’s Written Chinese Proficiency Test for the Hong Kong Region and Its Implications for University Chinese Teaching
Download Count: 21

LI, Hui,
LAM, Sin Manw
Is It Inevitable for Teachers to Talk More? Analysing Classroom Interaction Using IRF in CFL Classroom
Download Count: 25

CHAN, Chu Kwong Alex IBDP Language A – Literature Guide(2019)Implications to Literature Curriculum in HKDSE
Download Count: 22

ZHU, Fumei The Graded Setting of Restrictive Adverbs “jiu” and “zhi” in International Chinese Education Textbooks
Download Count: 12