Journal Title: International Journal of Chinese Language Education

Issue: No.7

ISSN: 2520-7733 (Print); 2521-4241 (Online)

Publication Date: June 2020

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BELLASSEN, Joël International Chinese Language Teaching at A Crossroads: The Case of France
Download Count: 22

LAM, Sin Manw, Sophia Mapping Development and Challenges of Teaching Mandarin in England
Download Count: 151

HE, Xiaoling,
The Effect of Glossing on Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition of Teenage Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language
Download Count: 13

LAM, Tung Fei Material Adaptation in Language B (Mandarin) of International Baccaulareate Diploma Programme: Interpretating Text and Characterizing Tasks
Download Count: 18

DONG, Weiwu,
TAN, Chee Lay
The Methodology of Different Characteristics of Languages and Cultures——A Relook at Chew Cheng Hai's Thought of Educational Philosophy
Download Count: 31

YANG, Daolin Research on the Effective Operation of Chinese Teachers’ Classroom Language
Download Count: 20

JIN, Mengyao 以言悟文,以語化人

Download Count: 26