Journal Title: International Journal of Chinese Language Education

Issue: No.8

ISSN: 2520-7733 (Print); 2521-4241 (Online)

Publication Date: December 2020

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YEH, Meng Teaching Requests and Request Responses in a Chinese Study Abroad Program: Speech Acts and Discursive Pragmatics
Download Count: 196

GABBIANELLI, Gloria Video-based Instruction and Students’ Perception of Cultural Understanding and Motivation in the Chinese Foreign Language Classroom
Download Count: 209

CHIN, Chee Kuen The Stages and Developmental Trail of Chinese Language Curriculum in Singapore (1960s-2010s)
Download Count: 148

SOH, Kay Cheng Language Features and Readabilities of Singapore’s Chinese Language Texts for Primary and Secondary Schools
Download Count: 206

LIAO, Xian,
ZHU, Xinhua
To Promote Higher Level Reading Abilities: The Implementation of Reading Strategy Instruction and Its Effect
Download Count: 302

MAN, Ying Ling Do Ranks and Experience Matter? Reflections of Chinese Language Teachers on Self-regulated Learning
Download Count: 171

LAU, Suet Tsam IB-PYP Project Curriculum and Teaching Research —— Children’s Chinese Course Teaching with Picture Book as Strategy
Download Count: 238

CHAN, Chu Kwong 文明以止,化成天下

Download Count: 153