Do Ranks and Experience Matter? Reflections of Chinese Language Teachers on Self-regulated Learning

MAN, Ying Ling

International Journal of Chinese Language Education; Dec 2020; Issue No. 8; p.155 - 182

Department of Chinese Language Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong
Chinese Language Program, Columbia University
Chung Hwa Book Co. (H.K.) Ltd.

This study aims at identifying the characteristics of Hong Kong in-service Chinese language teachers’ reflective writing on self-regulated learning (SRL) and examine how the teaching ranks and years of teaching experience affect their reflection performance. A mixed method approach was adopted in the analysis of the written reflections. Text analysis and content analysis of the written reflection was conducted. The cross tabulations of reflective and thematic categories were calculated to investigate how the each category interacted. Results demonstrated that the participants were impressed by the theories of SRL and most of them focused on the practices of SRL. The reflections on facts and reasoning were the strengths of the participants while the reflections on feelings were their weakness. Moreover, the reflective performance was affected by teaching ranks, but not years of teaching experience.

Hong Kong self-regulated learning reflective practice Chinese language teachers professional development of teachers


2520-7733 (Print); 2521-4241 (Online)

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