Overview of the Editorial Process

(1) Authors should submit their manuscripts via this website. All manuscripts received will be archived in the “Original Manuscripts” database.

(2) The reviewing process involves a preliminary review by the Editorial Board and an external review by two international experts within the specialty.

(3) Preliminary review

(4) External review

(5) All manuscripts that pass the review are listed as “accepted manuscripts” and are submitted to the Editorial Board for publication.

(6) Avoiding bias

(7) Other issues

Publishing Manuscript

The manuscripts rated as “Strongly recommended for publication”, “Recommended for publication”, “Revision needed before acceptance”, and those that pass the second round review will be submitted to the Editorial Board to confirm publication. For manuscripts that have been confirmed, the Journal will send the “Author Permission to Publish Form” and “Copyright Agreement Form” documents to the authors. The authors should sign and return the documents before final publication.

Withdrawal of Manuscript

(1) Author(s) can write to the Journal to withdraw the manuscript.

(2) If an author(s) request to withdraw a manuscript is made during the preliminary review process, then the Editorial Board will not consider another manuscript from the author within the same year.